Why Suffer When Bending Down To Place Your Ball On The Tee?

Use the "TossTee System" and Toss the Pain Away!


The Toss Tee System

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... Fore!

End your back pain caused by bending to tee up.

The Toss Tee System is used for driving. When you are ready to drive, simply toss the Toss Tee onto the area in the tee box which you would like to drive from.


It's right every time.

Toss Tee will ALWAYS land with in an up-right position ready to have the golf ball placed onto it.


It doesn't matter if the ground is hard or not, because each leg of the Toss Tee is equal, the height never changes. You can be sure that every time you toss it on the ground, it is ready to tee up.


Patented retrieval system.

The Toss Tee is easily retrieved using the Toss Tee System. This easy to install device fits every club and can be installed either by the golfer or a pro shop using simple instructions.

The Toss Tee "3 Tee Set"

  • All three Toss Tees! (1 small Tee, 1 medium Tee , 1 large Tee)
  • One caddy clip


Total: $11.50

"The Ultimate System"

  • All three Toss Tees! (1 small Tee, 1 medium Tee , 1 large Tee)
  • One plug with retractable ball-support wire assembly (includes spacer)
  • One caddy clip
  • Instructions on how to modify your drive club


Total: $15.50

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All products are made in the USA.