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"The Toss Tee is not only a great new way to tee the ball up - I like it because its great for golf and has numerous benefits for the golf course.

To name a few:

  1. No messy broken tees.
  2. No damage to tee box
  3. Less damage to golf course equipment (lawn mower)

I wish everyone would use Toss Tee so we could toss the other tees away."

- Michael Masterson


  Golf Course Superintendent

  Buffalo Tournament Club, Lancaster NY


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More Testimonials


"I had agonizing back pain whenever I started my golf game. But now I don't even think about it. I just toss my Toss Tee down onto the tee-box and one of it's (4) four tee's is always up, waiting for me to place my ball onto it by using the ball placement wire of the Toss Tee System without ever bending. After my drive I can pick up my Toss Tee, without even bending using the same ball placement wire. Thanks Toss Tee!"

- Anthony S., Cheektowaga, NY


"No more back aches by placing the ball onto the tee when driving, or asking ‘who brought the hammer' when placing the tee into the hard ground. With the Toss Tee System, both these concerns vanish."

- Archie S., Spring, Texas

"The Toss Tee has provided tremendous relief and added enjoyment to the game for my students with arthritis issues and limited hand strength. What an innovative idea!"

- Susan Holland

  PGA Teaching Professional

  Buffalo Tournament Club


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